A month in…

It’s been a month already. Seems like I landed here only last night. Nah, not really. It feels like a month indeed 😉

Some fragmented thoughts on the last few weeks….

An MTR/Haldirams ready-to-eat pack a day keeps restaurant bills away.

When Google Photos creates a panorama of photos takes from your friends’ 20 story apartment, and it makes your day.


You’ll begin to miss the conventional stove with a flame when you start using electric ones. Especially if you forget to turn it off because you don’t see a blue flame and it does this to the only saucepan you had:


But we’ve become great chefs. Either that, or cooking’s become all about throwing a bunch of vegetables into the cooker and adding spices & salt to it. And when hunger takes over, nothing tastes better than hot food. Actually, just food.


*Holding up collar* Just one of the many dishes we’ve cooked 🙂

I also slightly burnt a tortilla, for the smoke alarm to go off. Tadka is off the table then. Whether the stove simmered down or not, I certainly did when I heard from one my friends about how he set off the alarm because he was taking a hot shower for a bit too long.

Our fridge on a normal day:


And this is during summer – when it’s pleasant enough to go out and shop!

Niagara. Check.


There is no unique way to say this sans platitudes and cliches, but I’m going to try. I’m not usually a big fan of polls or change.org petitions, but I recently chanced upon one that proposed to instate Niagara as the 8th wonder of the world. After my trip, I googled it and clicked ‘yes’. So there you have it.

For those planning a trip, ideally a weekday so there’s no crowd and you can take all the selfies you want. There are also a couple of things you can do which might take up a bit of time, so staying overnight would really be worth it.

Go on the boat ride that takes you up close to the Canadian side of the falls (which is also the better one according to most americans too). It’s quite soothing in the summer (throw away those rain jackets that they give you). There’s a chopper ride too although you might need to shelve out more. And definitely do THIS:


Google Photos in action again:


And THIS is my desktop wallpaper


One great thing about an MBA is the number of opportunities it gives you to chill out,network, loosen up, have fun and unwind. It’s incredible the number of events that happen every week, that you’re just sucked into meeting people and don’t even need to consciously attempt to.

But some of those events have dress codes, like the author learnt the hard way. A pool party that began at 1 PM had free entry until 3. The punctual Sunday sleepers that we were, we decide to leave at the last minute just to make it in time for 3. Only to realize we needed to wear beach clothing, no sneakers, no track pants. So back we go paying for an unnecessary extra cab ride just so we don’t kill our mood and ruin our weekend.

But this beer made it totally worth it:


It truly rocks! (cos it’s cider, but still)


And it’s barely 4 dollars. Sure don’t miss India now.

View from my window. Pretty awesome right?


Home is where the heart is. #Cricket

IMG-20160813-WA0002 - Copy.jpg

All John Davisons and Ashish Bagais in the making 😉


Seated back in the cherry Dr.Pepper tee is yours truly 🙂

Rotman Orientation was an absolute ball. We were made to feel really comfortable and warm (even though the air conditioning was cold). Panels from upper years imparting ‘pearls of wisdom’ (always wanted to use that phrase!) in an exquisitely designed and luxurious looking building we’re going to be calling home for the next couple of years.


When you see so much food and regret why you ate breakfast and then minutes later regret why you ate dinner the previous night.

If the Pre-MBA classes are any sign of it, first year is going to be a struggle. For someone who’s last math class was in high school, guess I’m in for a world of pain. But as the cliche goes, no pain no gain.

Every upper-year we met keeps stressing on how hectic it’s about to get. How they never had anybody tell them that when they began. (I’m not entirely sure if knowing it makes it a good thing because there’s not much you can do to prepare yourself in any case) How the MBA is going to enter your life and before you know, turn it upside down. And for an exodus of us coming from geographies with harsh summers and no winters, it’s about to get dark and cold.

Not a bad place to be holed up in when Winter hits eh? #GraduateHouse

To end, and attempt to dispel some of the negativity this post has now begun reeking off, I’ll like to tell you about the most important thing any student setting foot in Canada will realize and feel privileged exists. It’s probably the best thing in the world right now. Forever. For a little over just 2 dollars:


Iced Capp. Thank you Tim Hortons!




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