End of the Pre-MBA…..


So the Pre-MBA is over. Our first taste of the real deal before the actual real deal. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but for now all I can say I say is that it was totally worth attending even if this is your 2nd MBA. You meet people, get acquainted, get back into classroom mode, get inflicted with the yawning disease, realize how to stifle yawns, pay attention in class and not get distracted (Well, for most part) but everything said and done, some great professors in action and that’s a warm and heartening sign. That you’re going to be in good hands.

Brian Silverman is an absolute entertainer. Nothing screams ‘You had to be there’ like a class of his. Guess a magician never let’s out his tricks so I won’t elucidate on the way he kept us engaged, but here’s a sneak peak – He told us what was the difference between Harvard students and Rotman students, and which set he preferred. I’ll leave it at that 😉

Few would have known the origins behind smoot or the World War II story about selection bias or the terrific way in which he encapsulated the concept of ‘Revealed Preference’ with ‘Don’t listen to what people say, watch what the do’.

And the probability example involving the Dean takes the cake! No you’re not getting any more out of me!

The marvel of excel

Microsoft excel is the most enigmatic thing in the world. One class with the prolific David Elsner (who was so kind enough to give all of us pen drives to copy files that we were supposed to download beforehand, and to do it 3 times!) is all it takes.



Some things don’t change. Seen at a house near UoT

Facebook and WhatsApp groups galore. One for Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Technology, different cities that people come from, Golf, Tennis, Foodies, guys who stay in the same neighborhood. Robert Dunbar just kicked himself.

Back to the serious stuff. Pre-MBA is the supposed “light” course. If you couldn’t cope here, then you are in for some struggle, and by you the author is referring to himself.

Great thing about Grad House is the number of avenues you have for studying as a group. A student’s paradise almost.



The only times I’ve ever read The Economist, New Yorker, TIME or Bloomberg is by circumventing a paywall.

And this is the serene looking ultra comfortable 9th floor study room in Graduate House. Almost criminal using this view to study.


Never used Excel [PJ ALERT: or excelled at Excel 🙂 sorry], last did math in school, Finance and Accounting for barely a year (also in school) – while my diversity might have secured me admission, guess now’s the time I pay the price for not realizing my inadequacies. Good thing is that it’s just orientation for a week now and then o-camp. Glad (sad?) pre-MBA classes are over.

As the say, every end is a new beginning.

5 subjects to revise, sample problems to practice, advanced excel to familiarize self with, reading material for each foundations class. And a Nestle Case Competition that’s round 1 deadline is a day before the start of the Foundations term exam. And so it begins…


Here’s a random but cool pic of Robarts I took at night.



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