Orientation Day 1


In focus: Desautels Hall

The most diverse class in the history of Rotman
The class with the most women (34%) ever 
The class with 179 Internationals out of 350
The class with 75% born outside Canada

The class of 2018 ladies and gentlemen

The day began with some of these mind boggling (fine! not so much) stats that were thrown at us. (Read more about it here)

Hold on.

First of all, before anything, here are some pictures of the delicious spread that we had for breakfast:

“Just be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

That was the overall sentiment floating around as we were told about things upper years wished they knew and other fun segments. Seldom did we know what lay in store, and how we were going to be blown away by it –  A session called Reciprocity Ring. In effect only at Booth, Kellogg and Ross. And Rotman 😉
It’s based on Robert Putnam‘s axiom of altruism “I’m going to do this for you now without expecting anything in the short term but will get something in future one way or the other”.
We were split into groups of 20 and one by one were asked to make a personal and a professional request. And then the other students from the group volunteer to fulfill it.
Ever since I had received an email last night about orientation schedule and the dress code of business casuals, I couldn’t sleep. Coming from advertising, the most formal I’ve been is in a tucked in shirt and a pair of denims. So when I realized most of my casual shirt collection didnt fit even the ‘business casual’ yardstick, I was almost resigned to the fact of having to buy more formal shirts.

A new way to think indeed!

So naturally I thought I’ll push my luck so I said I needed suggestions for cheap but great value-for-money formal shirts. A guy from my class (won’t reveal his name in the fear that you guys might spam him for clothes) said his neighbor was a shirt exporter and could get me free shirts. All I had to do was give him my size. What do you know!
My professional request was for contacts in Marketing for help with a Nestle Case Competition that I was working on. A classmate’s sister in law worked in General Mills. Jeez this is amazing.

So this went on for another couple of hours as everyone tried to give back selflessly but realized that they got a lot more in return. At the end of it, we were left with the message “If one request can be fulfilled in a matter of seconds by 1 in every 10 people, imagine what you can achieve by leveraging your network of 350 classmates, 350 seniors, 350 part time & executive MBAs, Commerce and PhD grads. Not to mention 350 first-years next year.”

Then they went ahead and blew our mind some more. Said there was an app for it.

It’s called “Give and Get”. You put in your request and you get matches for people who’re willing to fulfill it for you. Great way to connect an almost untapped supply and demand cycle.

Now let me end with some more drool-worthy pictures,this time, of lunch.
Another entire week of this beckons. Can’t wait.

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