Marketing & CPG

I’m a junkie when it comes to following brands, consumer psyche and other related news and views. One of the many geeky habits I picked up at work was documenting important trends and developments in marketing. It helped me in writing briefs or selling ideas to clients – All I had to do was glance to get an idea of what the landscape’s been like in the last 6 months or 1 year or more. Realized recently that I might as well make it public having found fellow marketing enthusiasts in Business School. So here you go. And stay tuned for monthly updates. Will try and keep it as Canadian as possible. (And feel free to contribute.)

1. Why Amazon is FMCG’s Frenemy:

2. Amazon is using Twitch audience as focus group for new TV shows

3. The good and the bad of Sears’ reinvention plan:

4. How the future of branding is actually de-branding

5. Newspaper advertising outpaces the time Canadians spend with the medium.

6. Expedia is hoping its new campaign will inspire Canadians to explore their “Vegas side.”

7. Shots fired. Adidas tells UnderArmour in a new spot that its about creativity, not just hard work:

8. DavidsTea sales jumpes 25% in its second quarter following a round of new store openings.

9. Advertising is NOT Marketing:

10. The wastefulness of TV is in fact its secret sauce

11. Why McDonald’s YouTube Channel failed: 

12. This ad campaign for Snowden merges surveillance with OOH advertising.

13. Revealing success through Branding:

14. Why every brand needs an Amazon strategy:

15. How subscription food delivery companies are catering to time-starved Canadians

16. Western Union is telling the story of how real Canadians move money in its new campaign.

17. More viewers in Canada are getting hooked faster on binge-worthy content than ever before.

18. It’s really about costs. Why milk is in the back of the store

19. Doubts about digital ads over new revelations:

20. How a branding veteran positioned the positioning concept

21. Brexit versus global thinking: the new internationalism in marketing

22. Air Canada wants to brand Toronto as the ultimate layover destination for American travelers.

23. Canada’s most trusted brands 2016:

24. Coco-cola injects some LIFE into it’s new product development

25. Tourism Toronto and Air Canada surprises Americans with 2 days in Toronto in it’s latest campaign to make Toronto a desirable layover stop

26. Where Mark Ritson talks about how meaningless digital media metrics are

27. Patagonia launches a beer that’s good for the planet

28. Uniqlo Canada hopes its appeal-to-all business model appeals to Canadians.

29. On how Innovation is not just token gestures but a fundamental rewiring of business from the core

30. Loblaw is launching Keurig-compatible, compostable single-serve coffee pods. Say that three times fast.

31. Is Neuromarketing legit or hype?

32. Coca-Cola to Produce, Distribute Bottled Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

33. A tale of marketing. Why brides wear white

34. How American Express makes cardholders lives simpler, every day

35. Scotia Bank: You’re richer than you think.



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