O-Camp 2016


The much anticipated 0-camp just got done. And boy were we sore. Thank god for Labour day (even though most of it was spent immersed in readings for our first class the next day, atleast we could read from our beds while recuperating)

We left in the morning of Friday, 2nd of September to Camp Winnebagoe in 5 buses, a 3 hour journey ended with us arriving inside camp to loud cheers, whistles and hoots from our enthusiastic upper-years.

Some nice juicy burgers, sausages and fries with a wide selection of soda welcomed us. After breakfast, we were split up into 5 teams. My section was team green. Every team had their own cheers. Ours was chants of #GreenMachine. They started us off with what was probably the most complicated game anybody can master in a span of 10 minutes. And to think our upper-years who had played it before had as little clue as us was testament to how incomprehensible the game was.

There were lots of other activities in store. We designed our own flag. We rock climbed, canoed, kayaked, played some water polo, basked on water floaters like there was no tomorrow, swam like little children, shot arrows for the first time like we were each our own Katniss Everdeens. Then there were other games like one in which a balloon is tied to everyone’s leg and you have to pop the other team’s balloons while protecting yours. Three legged race – one leg of two people will be tied and you race. And then a mystery event (well, not so mysterious!) wherein you make your own cardboard boat and put your lightest and tiniest team member in it and hope he/she doesn’t drown.

At the end of camp, the team with the most points won. In other unrelated news, Team Green came second.

We were also asked to write out names on clips and each one was given a clip with someone else’s name on it. If you managed to clip it onto their shirt without them realizing, they forfeit their clip to you.The goal is to collect as many clips as possible that translate into points. Except for the last part. Atleast that’s what I thought. Until I realized that game was just for fun and didn’t actually apportion points. Oh well.

You know it’s one of the most expensive camps in the world when you canoe and notice that every posh looking cottage on the sides has its own helicopter and everything. And get told figures like $2-3 million as the cost to own a cottage there.

Then it was night and the costume party with unlimited alcohol was upon us. Operative words being “unlimited alcohol” 😉

They even served some rolls and crackers+cheese after the party to ensure we don’t pass out on an empty stomach after all the drinking dancing.

Thank god we had taken sleeping bags and duvets with us because it got crazy cold at night.


Cabin in the woods. The top ones creak and atleast 2 people snore in every cabin like an orchestra!

Saturday’s lunch was a blast – we had a huge salad bar with over 20 vegetables and 10 sauces and 6 desserts. Freshly baked gooey Maple cake was the highlight

Then we had a tug of war between the teams. Green machine was unstoppable in this one.

The toga party later that evening saw people using makeshift white bedsheets in the most creative ways to eke a costume out of it. And freshly picked leaves to go with them.  Whoever said it’s important to be yourself, never attended a Halloween party 😉

But what I’d like to touch upon as I end is the fact that the entire event is student run. By our upper years. The Graduate Business Council (GBC). Take a bow guys!

The upper years who organize this also have to shell our the same amount of money that we did and they can’t even have fun because they’re the organizers. They were in charge of the activities, pouring drinks, keeping scores, sounding alarms, blowing whistles, organizing everything. I’ve written about the reciprocity ring earlier, but if you ever saw it in action, this was it.

Camp Winnebagoe may not have been everything everyone under the sky made it out to be, but for the class of 2018, it signified the first time we were together for such an extended period of time having insane amounts of alcohol fun.

True to what they say, it’s the people that make the place.



Check out this video put together by my friend Dipesh.

And here is the complete album.

Here is a video from last year and another from before that.

When you’re here next year, sign up.


I owe some of my friends a photo courtesy for these but I can’t remember which ones because my Facebook feed is inundated with O-camp related pics that it’s impossible to make out so I’m going to let this be 😉


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