Running through the 6ix and then sailing by it

Orientation is over. And with it the truckloads of delicious free food we got. Guess the spoon-feeding stops. In more ways than one. The honeymoon is over and the real thing starts now and we’re on our own. Although considering this is what we signed up for in the first place, I am a bit excited and intimidated at what’s going to hit me in the next few days.

The day began with a couple of insightful lectures on Business Design by Mark Leung , Director of Rotman DesignWorks. He also made us do a couple of fun exercises that may or may not have involved sketching. I won’t say more. You guys deserve to go through it personally, not by reading a blogpost.

The afternoon was designated for a team activity called “Running through the 6ix”. The 6ix for those of you who don’t know is short for Toronto (in the same way New York is the big apple)

Anyway back to the activity, we were given a booklet with places to go/things to do. We had to go all over Toronto(downtown at the very least), take selfies and tweet them to get points. Like high-fiving a complete stranger. Or venturing into the kitchen of a food truck. Or showing your best cannonball dive in a swimming pool. Or wearing face paint. Or photobombing someone eating lunch. Here are some pictures:


Trying to spell R-O-T-M-A-N


Photobombing a lunch


Take a picture with an Olympics athlete


Recreating Hogwarts


Find graffiti and take a group picture


The entire day was spent in running crazily and bouts of intense physical exhaustion to gather as many points as possible, in the hope that no other team would get a point or two more. We thought we were going to win. We had accumulated SO many. Turned out we didn’t even get honorable mention.  Guess it was a reflection of the MBA cohort strength and our competitive spirit. No matter how good you are, somebody always betrer.

It taught me one thing though. I skipped lunch, put everything aside to solely focus on this. In short, for those 3 hours, it took over my life. Like how the MBA could take over me for the next few months. So it taught me to not let it hijack my life. To not succumb to pressure, to not get bogged down by the plethora of assignments and practice tests and required readings that I will be doing. When there is so much to do and so little time to do it in, that’s when it’s most important to not lose sight of things like eating proper meals, getting enough sleep etc..

So now let me end with pictures of the cruise. Which had booze. Now my rhyme’s putting me to snooze.

Click to zoom inside each.



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