The grind has begun..

I’ve allocated exactly 20 minutes to write this, because racing against time seems to be the status quo nowadays, and this is after just 1 week of the program (a truncated week at that). So we’re all going to be needing time turners from the following week.

2 reactions papers to work on in business ethics, one group presentation to compile, prepare and rehearse, 2 homework assignments in the 2 subjects Integrating Models & Data, and Model Based Decision Making. You might be forgiven for thinking they’re the same subject due to the similarity in nomenclature, but they’re both complex in their own ways (which doesn’t make our lives any easier!)


This feels like the distant past now. Academics has well and truly taken over our lives.

And then we have 80-100 pages of reading to do every day of the week, which means there’s very little time left to do anything else in the rest of the evening. And that means my case competition has slipped to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list. My career prep – well that’s almost gone off the list. Time to turn it around, start prioritizing better Varun!

Oh and did I mention we have a practice test this Wednesday on Managerial economics,a subject that most of the class has difficulty getting their head around.

The level of application each question and problem requires is incredible. Our group assignment had 2 questions. T-W-O. That was it. We thought it was a joke. Humble pie was served and feasted on. Took us just a little over 3 hours to solve them, and still not be sure if we’d solved them right. Onwards and upwards it is, I guess.

As someone pursuing a career in Marketing, the most common advice you hear is how your GPA doesn’t really matter in a way it does for someone pursuing Consulting or Finance. What this actually means is that you don’t have to aim for the sky and reach it and get a 4 GPA.But little do they know that my fear is not reaching the sky with a 4 but falling off the cliff and struggling for a 2.7. Even though I’ve been told one must be really bad to get a GPA below 2.7. The world shall find out.


This poster needs to be inside our classrooms.

The hectic 4 days that went by seem like 4 weeks and the 4 long and cold months that we have in front of us was succinctly captured by our Professor when he said “You’re in Graduate School. Your weekends are not YOUR weekends anymore”. And it made for some hilarious reading when a classmate on Facebook (pointed how he had used that exact same quote in all of the sections) encapsulated it with the hashtag #MBALivesMatter.

The second good thing is that my group is really awesome. Bunch of really proactive people, driving each other. really enthusiastic to be here. Couldn’t have asked for more. And considering how this year is different from previous years where as opposed to a new group per term, it’s the same group throughout, I’m really pleased.


When the going gets tough, multi-tasking gets going. When you’re hard pressed for time, you eat your lunch on the kitchen slab, whilst your cooking dinner.

On a positive note, my reciprocity ring was fulfilled. Entered class to see a bag full of nice looking formal shirts on my desk, such a nice gesture. That I hadn’t event spoken to him about it ever since the orientation session where we had the exercise spoke reams about what a nice little thing it was. Guess it’s time I started fulfilling my promises.


Ok now I’m off to attempt to solve some econ questions and then do some intense readings. Wish me luck for next week, I’m going to need it.



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