Design Digest


Thought I’d do something slightly more productive than the usual blogposts. Here’s the idea. I’m going to be posting article links to cool and interesting design thinking related innovations and developments.

Plan to update it on a weekly basis, so watch this space.

1. An invisibility cloak for distracting gadgets: 

2. Bluetooth speakers that are made entirely from recycled parts and electronic waste: 

3. Food truck-inspired mobile voting booth: 

4. Measuring spoon for OCD bakers:

5. A terrazzo made out of ocean plastic: 

6. The surprisingly sensible idea of standing desks for kids at school: 

7. Pictogram language to help refugees communicate: 

8. Art exhibit for dogs: 

9. GPS unit for mopeds: 

10. An app to build the custom music studio of your dreams: 

11. Innovation Design Awards 2016:

12.  Supermarket That Only Sells Food Waste: 

13. An alarm clock designed to help you develop better sleeping habits: 

14. A clever shape-shifting seat designed to ease the sheer misery of rush hour trains

15. Half static, half solar, textile that could make plugging your wearables in, a thing of the past

16. Device that helps blind people navigate by sound

17. Rainbow-hued fabric that collects energy as you move

18. Easing overcrowded trains by paying riders

19. How a micro-font designed for stock indexes became a classic 

20. In Zambia, why Marie Stopes designed health centers that could be mistaken for nail salons

21. These are the most innovative student designs of 2016 

22. What a garment-sewing robot could mean for the fashion industry 

23. IDEO Founder David Kelley recommends 7 books on #Design and Innovation: 

24. Smart speaker that doubles as a disaster kit 

25. Self Assembly Lab & Google are working together on crazy transforming workpods 

26. The Ultimate Wearable: A Second Skin That Feels What You Can’t 

27. The 25 most innovative health care designs of the year 

28. Nineteen must-see projects from the London Design Festival

29. How Design Thinking Can Benefit Government Agencies – 

30. How a board game helps autistic adults make friends 

31. Redesigning Consumer Electronics With Old-School Craftsmanship

32. Can the perfect algorithm brew the perfect beer? 

Happy reading!



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