Shaking Your Foundations


Foundations term is officially over. With most having little idea of how they got through. A mammoth effort for first years to get through and get out of alive. Think we deserve a pat on our backs. Even though I struggled with grasping the concepts in courses that weren’t more than 10 hours in duration, I did realize towards the end how they made a lot of sense as our first subjects. Another thing I liked about the subjects were how they each flowed into the other seamlessly, where concepts taught in one class could be utilized in another. Even something as far apart as business ethics had connecting dots in Managerial Economics when we were calculating utils and maximizing happiness in decisions.

The finals though were a whole new beast. While managerial economics was alright, Model Based Decision Making is a course generations of Rotman cohorts have tried to get their head around and failed. Urban legend has it that the one Rotman student who did understand it was expelled from the school and ever since then the jinx has stayed on as the school awaits for his true heir to emerge from the ashes. Nah not really, I’m just a Harry Potter Fan.


An accurate summation of my precise feelings during the Models finals.

In good news, I was elected 1st Year Representative for the Rotman Marketing Association, and I’m looking forward to that and am raring to go. I did not want to pursue an MBA for grades, else I’d have just done one back in India.

But it was tough. It was a term that tested us, made us rethink our self worth and challenged us to the core of our confidence. We had to dig deep to summon something special to get past it. But get past it we did. So no matter which part of the world you’re from, if you got through the Foundations Term then you will be eternally grateful this Thanksgiving for the long weekend the holidays has provided us, before the madness begins again next week.

Just so you know, we have a Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Case Comp. The nestle comp we entered into has it’s round 2 starting in 2 weeks if we get through, which I’m quite confident we will. And then there are a whole lot of career related stuff that will begin. Mock interviews, coffee chats with upper years and alums. Internship postings for P&G and other companies should also be out in the next week of two. It’s hardly been a day since our last exam got over and we already have homework for the Finance 1: Capital Markets – the first subject of term 1. Oh and it’s due before the first class. You read that right, BEFORE. And the usual set of readings that precede any new term.

Like Dr.Edy said during orientation week:

“The MBA is not designed to be an emotionally satisfactory process. It is created to be an emergency situation that you manage, because that is what leaders do”

As the cliché goes, seldom have truer words been spoken.

P.S – I’ll leave with you a few memes so you get a better sense of our lives











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