Leading the Rotman Marketing Association


Being associated with the RMA has been the best part of my Rotman experience. I loved organizing the Snack n Chat sessions, inviting speakers, networking with industry experts, participating in the MLSE and Eli Lilly case competitions, and growing my passion for marketing. 

The outgoing exec has set the bar pretty high, and if you will allow me, I would like to pay it forward to the incoming class. I want to guide them, and equip them with the tools needed to succeed in a career in marketing, through opportunities for professional development, industry access, career prep, and mentorship, just like the current Exec did for me. 

First-years often get caught in the Rotman academic bubble, and I want to provide students with unique and relevant events that help inform and broaden their understanding of, and interest in marketing. 

Most of all, I hope to be a pillar of support to them as they toil through the intensity of the first year of the MBA program and the trials and tribulations that come with seeking a career in a competitive function like Marketing. 

Finally, I want to drive the RMA to new heights and build on the success we’ve had from this year; and am hopeful that, together, our efforts will be small but significant drops of water in building a strong marketing community at Rotman.

That was my written speech for Rotman Marketing Association’s Executive Team. It’s been a humbling few days for me. The recent development reminds me of the first meeting we had almost a year ago with the outgoing exec as 1st year reps. Like everyone at the beginning of the program, I had a choice about which club to join. And I chose this because I believed in this club, what it stood for, and the people that led it. And I as I went about my year benefiting from all their efforts in making students better marketers, (through career support and guidance, resume review, mock interviews, case prep, BrainStation workshops, articulations series, industry nights); I had the best seat in the house to see how we empowered people to do magical things, all of which drastically improved the student experience. That inspiration will continue to drive me as I step in as President of the third largest industry club at Rotman. As I step into the gigantic, herculean, colossal shoes of JT (also known in popular circles as the “God of Case Competitions”). I’m aware that I can never command the same respect, awe or admiration of his legend, so I guess I’ll be a different kind of President, and look to bring a different set of skills to the role that’ll hopefully help the club pick up from where he let off.

What started off as an excuse to network with people, get to know upper-years who pursued a career in marketing, and develop my passion for following how brands engaged with consumers, has grown into something so meaningful. I couldn’t be prouder of my new journey and all that it has in store.

As someone who went through a below average undergraduate experience and was never involved in student bodies or councils at the high school or even college level, a George Eliot quote instantly comes to mind: “It is never too late to be what you might have been. Sure I’ve managed a subordinate or two at work, but this is a whole new ball game, and I’m raring to go.

I want to expand the mentorship program to more aspiring marketers in the program, integrate a marketing accelerator into the Pre-MBA for career switchers, get Nielsen to do a session on how to work with data (a standard marketing interview question), perhaps transform the RMA podcast into a ‘Day In The Life Of’ video series on an RMA Vimeo channel, backed up by a RMA Twitter account that is a one stop shop for all marketing trends and developments. Speaking of which, a 30-minute session on the latest marketing campaigns and changes in the industry would be something of value to first years who seldom have the time to keep abreast of them on their own. It will also help 2nd years be in the know of what’s happening in the world of marketing as they prepare for full time recruiting. If first years continue to remain in the same section all year, then I’d like to conduct ice-breaker events that help get to know their fellow RMA members, perhaps help them in forming case comp teams based on diverse skills sets, and hopefully result in a close-knit and cohesive Rotman marketing community. The RMA x RED Dinner with Nestle’s CMO was my best RMA experience this year, and I can’t wait to give first years a taste of what that’s like. Speed Interviews/Networking and Career Treks are also on the radar, as will other new initiatives in due time.

As a wise man whose name I’d rather not reveal told me a couple of days earlier, upon hearing my grand plans and vision for the RMA, a leader is only as good as his team. So here’s hoping that the great team we have will see merit in them, and help bring each to life, overcoming the complexities, hurdles and logistical nightmares that may sprout, as we try our best to roll them out.

One thing’s for certain. If (m)any of them don’t see the light of day, it won’t be for lack of trying.



From Left: Thank You to Sharvan Salooja (VP External), John Stevenson (President), Conrad Balbinot (VP Careers), Jainy Tong (Chief of Staff), Amy Delva (VP External) , Suhaib Ahmed (VP Strategic Partnerships), Jason Liu (VP Internal), Ria Dutta (VP Part-Time) and Christine Zhu (VP Internal)



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